The Theology: Emerging-Anabaptism

My place in the quadrants of Christianity
From Phyllis Tickle’s The Great Emergence with my approximate position marked

The primary identifier I’ve come to use of my theology is “Anabaptist.” At the heart of Anabaptism is the idea that Christianity is supposed to be a radical discipleship centred on the person of Jesus. All of life is to be seen in terms of this apprenticeship to Jesus, leading to positions including absolute non-violence (not passivity, but nonviolent peacemaking solutions), separation from the state, and baptism as a mark of a decision to follow Jesus rather than as a sacrament.

Second to the term Anabaptist, I have adopted the adjective “emerging.” The emerging church is a complicated entity but does have a few themes in common. For example, the emerging church consistently challenges modernity and especially its assumptions about our ability to discover pure objective truth on our own. There is also the general sense that it is ok to question doctrines, especially peripheral doctrines but also occasionally even central doctrines. This means that many doctrines of the past 500 years are often challenged, including biblical inerrancy and the penal substitutionary understanding of the atonement.

The Purpose

There are a few reasons why I take the time and effort to blog:

  1. Most importantly, I write to try to helped the spiritual walks of my readers. The most rewarding parts of the blog are when people tell me that something I wrote has helped them one way or another draw closer to God and play their part in building the Kingdom.
  2. I enjoy educating because I enjoy learning and I know a lot of others out there are like me. This is partly the emerging piece, but I am wired to ask questions. I don’t do well with being told that something is just the way it is and we have to accept it. I hope to help those others who also like to ask questions.
  3. It allows me an opportunity to work out a lot of my own thoughts on different issues. That was how this all started a few years ago – as a sort of intellectual journal. Then I realized that other people benefited from and enjoyed it so I stepped up the pace and tried to write more in a way that could help them better.

The Author: Ryan Robinson

There are a few guest posts, but the majority of the posts to this blog are from me, Ryan Robinson. I am educated with a Master of Divinity from Queen’s School of Religion as well as a Bachelor of Computing. Allow with theological writing and other church involvement, I love to tinker with all kinds of technology including website design and mobile application development.